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The Service

Everything at Thunderstik Lodge starts with good service. Our staff and guides are dedicated to making your trip perfect and will make every effort to exceed your group’s expectations. Whether it’s impressing customers or enjoying some time with family & friends, we will make sure to attend to all the little details that turn a good trip into a memoroble experience.


The Land

We offer over 7,000 acres of prime South Dakota pheasant hunting land.  We plant a variety of crops to create ideal habitat for pheasants to find cover and breed.  In the fall, as the local farmers begin to harvest their fields, we leave our crops standing, which creates a perfect haven for wild birds to congregate.  You will have the opportunity to hunt a variety of different habitat during your stay.


Hunting Dogs

We have found of the years that many hunters enjoy watching the dogs work the fields as much as the hunt. We have a great troop of well trained hunting dogs for you to enjoy. We also welcome hunters to bring their own hunting dogs to the lodge to hunt along side the Thunderstik crew. Check out our Adopt a Dog program if you are looking for an older dog with great hunting skills.


The Locations

Known as the “Golden Triangle” Chamberlain sits in the heart of South Dakota’s best pheasant hunting habitat. The chamberlain area consistently boasts the top pheasant counts in the state. You won’t find a better density of pheasant populations any where in the world!