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Pheasant Hunts SD

Pheasant Hunts SD

The Hunt

Pheasant Hunting South Dakota

Known worldwide as the nation's pheasant hunting capital, South Dakota offers the ideal habitat and terrain to hunt the impressive ring neck pheasant. South Dakota consistently produces the highest populations of pheasants and the rolling grasslands are spectacular. The days at Thunderstik Lodge have a gentle flow as daily schedules are unrushed, allowing hunters to relax. Whether it's a corporate hunt or an annual gathering of friends, every group takes the hunting and activities at a pace that fits their needs and expectations.

As you head to the field, things ramp up as clouds of roosters fill the sky. There's nothing like the cackle of a rooster on a crisp fall morning! When you visit Thunderstik, you will experience great hunting, accommodations, guides, dogs, spectacular views and a staff that cares about true hospitality.

“Come as a guest, leave as a friend”

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South Dakota Pheasant Hunts


In 2016, Thunderstik Lodge was awarded the prestigious Brent Wilbur Habitat Award in recognition of our pheasant habitat creation and improvement. Every year we plant a variety of crops and grasses over 7,000 acres to create the perfect pheasant hunting environment. As the season progresses and farmers begin the harvest we leave the majority of our crops standing, creating critical cover for birds. 

Hunting Groups

At Thunderstik Lodge each group has a dedicated guide and plenty of our famous hunting dogs. Groups are never mixed and we do our best to limit groups to less than 8 hunters. With 7,000 acres of prime pheasant habitat to work with, we have hunting areas that fit groups as large as 8-10 hunters or smaller groups of 2-4.  Note:  Groups of 3 or less may be paired with other hunters.

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Pheasant Chasing with Dog

The Dogs

Known as the talent, the Thunderstik hunting dogs are the highlight of the pheasant hunting experience. The lodge dogs are primarily flushers and go through extensive professional training before graduating to the big stage. Ask about our adopt a hunting dog program when you are at the lodge.

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Pheasant Hunts SD


Most of the seasoned guides at Thunderstik have been with us for many years. Safety is our priority and our professional guides will make sure your group is in a safe hunting environment. Experienced guides are critical in working the dogs and setting up the field properly to make your hunt a success. Feel free to request your same guide for your return trip!

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