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South Dakota invites Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor industries

South Dakota invites Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor industries

April 29, 2013 by

From state to state and coast to coast, the gun debate control rages on, causing much frustration and derision on both sides of the coin. To say it is a heated issue would be a severe understatement. Nevertheless, South Dakota sees this as an opportunity in this debate to boost the state economy by inviting Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor industries by relocating to the Mount Rushmore State.

On the South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development’s website, it states, “South Dakota has a long line of recreation traditions – including hunting, shooting, fishing, archery and other outdoor activities. With this tradition comes a knowledgeable workforce that embraces firearm-friendly attitudes and pro-outdoor views.”

Consider South Dakota’s weather and you have the perfect atmosphere for these kinds of industries. It almost makes too much sense. Such an influx of industries would naturally benefit South Dakota’s economy and employment stats. On the flipside, relocating to South Dakota would provide a boost to a shooting, hunting or outdoors industry. They can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that in South Dakota state lawmakers and public opinion will not be out to get them. The state will only encourage, never threaten. Therefore, these businesses can focus on making money and providing the best customer service.

At Thunderstik Lodge, we call the South Dakota grasslands home. We have been the beneficiary of South Dakota’s firearm-friendly attitudes and pro-outdoor views. We have thrived in this kind of atmosphere, and we think other industries will too. South Dakota’s atmosphere is one of the reasons we are the state’s premier pheasant hunting lodge!


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