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2012 Pheasant Hunting Report

2012 Pheasant Hunting Report

September 10, 2012 by

As most people know by now South Dakota has been in drought conditions for most of the summer. For example, we had less than half an inch of rain in July.   With that kind of news, we have been getting calls from some of our hunters asking about what we think the hunting conditions are going to be like this fall.

Not to brag but our food plots look pretty darn good.

I have had several of our competitors call asking what we did, because it worked.  By all accounts our land is the best anywhere I have seen in the state.

We even had a local offer to buy all our plots today for feed.  He commented that Emanuel's north and south has the best corn in the state on them.  That translates to land that should hold birds.

It's going to be a great season and state bird counts look a little better than expected for our area.

How did we do it?  Jeremy and I did a lot of talking this spring about doing something different because the long term forecast was ugly.  The weatherman was right and we listened, two things that don't always happen.  We planted everything in wider rows and dropped the population down to about 19,000 plants per acre.  That means fewer plants to share what little moisture we had.

We then went back and sprayed more than normal to keep the moisture robbing weeds down, also planted sorghum in-between rows with the hope that it would rain soon.   As the saying goes, if it's up and growing it needs rain.  The growing season ends in late September.

Overall we are pretty proud of what we have considering the conditions. You know when the big boy farmers are asking what we did and even our competitors want to know, we must have done something right.

As always, we work all year around so that we can share our passion with you for a few days each fall.

Be safe and see you all soon.

Carey Story
Thunderstik Lodge

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