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Shooting Clays at Thunderstik Lodge

Sporting Clays

Our ten station sporting clays course is a fun and challenging way to spend some extra time shooting.  The sporting clay course is outfitted with professional grade Promatic throwers, which will increase the variety and excitement of your shooting experience. Whether you are knocking off some rust, engaging in some friendly competition or just trying to break your own personal best you are sure to find this course a blast.

As you are shooting you will be treated to some of South Dakota's most breathtaking views.  You can see miles of rolling hills, cedar trees, mule deer and a spectacular view of the Missouri River.  Just walking distance from the lodge we have created ten shooting stations that simulate several different hunting experiences.  We have tiny quail targets that rise quickly, big geese trying to land in your lap and a combo of a bouncing rabbit and a high flying bird. You will have a lot of fun on this course!

Shooting sporting clays is included in the regular Thunderstik hunting package so take advantage of it and shoot all you want.  The rest of the year, we will open the course for groups of five or more with an advance reservation.  It has been a fun addition to a meeting, or even something to keep the groomsmen out of trouble before the big wedding!

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